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2010 vs 2019: A decade long journey

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

I did not realize how special my next birthday will be until I reflected on my journey over the past decade. In July I will turn 28 and that means I have been an ''adult'' for 10 whole years. Below I have tried to sum up some of the aspects in my creative journey from 2010 to 2019.

I had been in High School for half year and in between hanging with new friends, school work and practicing drumming I did not draw as much as I did before. However, I knew I would apply for the character animation programme at The Animation Workshop once High School was over and I did my first croquis drawing ever at a 2-week summer life drawing course.

I briefly had a nose piercing, went to a 2-week language school in Spain and continued to care about school instead of drawing. I still knew what I wanted to do once I finished High School, which was nice and comforting.

I had no idea that I had already met my future boyfriend around this time, as it would take years before we would start to date. I graduated High School and did some odd jobs here and there because I thought I was gonna apply for the Drawing Academy to prepare a portfolio for The Animation Workshop. But I tried something else instead.

I took a half year semester course at Holbælk Folk Art School, did a portfolio there and applied but did not make it at that point. However, I was told I could go to another school to prepare close to The Animation Workshop, so I moved to Viborg.

And I got accepted into The Animation Workshop.

I was learning so much, but was afraid that it would not be enough. I kept myself busy but eventually learned I had to relax and take care of myself and try not to worry too much. I also started going to animation festivals around this time.

I was slowly hooning into what I liked to do and when we got to 3rd year at the school it was time to do our bachelor student film. I found myself in a dedicated group on the project I dreamed of getting in on.

We finished our film and was on our separate ways to our internships. I really wanted to do 2D animation and luckily The Glow Animation Studio was doing a 2D feature film and were open to having interns on board. So I went to sunny Almendralejo to work on Bunuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles.

Early 2018 I graduated from The Animation Workshop and our film went world wide on festivals, but first it had to go to Berlinale, which was an insane experience. I then moved to London to work at Nexus Studios for a while and then I worked on other 2D projects in Copenhagen. I also started dating the greatest man alive who would soon become my boyfriend. I also had some down time during this year where I focused on my 2D portfolio.

I tried to stay in Copenhagen and managed to work at the studio of my dreams. After my contract ended, I started a part time job as an animation lead as well as freelancing on a music video which is where I am at right now. I also got my first tattoo which opened my eyes to a whole new way of during art.

I cannot believe how far I have come over the past 10 years. I feel so much more mature and yet I feel more like a child now than in my late teens. I cannot help but think how much more art I could have produced over the past 10 years but I am so happy that I got to experience so much and create memories with so many friends I got throughout the years.



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